Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Riding a tidal bore

Regular reader Nosophorus found my learning to sail post a bit tame and suggests surfing an Amazonian pororoca or tidal bore in the Amazon River delta. In the famous words of the Brian Wilson, "Let's go surfing now, everybody's learning how, come on a safari with me."

Aloha!! :D

Ow, I forgot to say the meaning of Pororoca. It is an indian word from the Tupi tribe here at Amazon Rain Forest, Pororoca means something that sounds as a thunder (thunderous). But, what is funny, in some places here at Amazon, you can use Pororoca as a synonymous for Pop Corn. :D

So, let's surf Pororoca and eat some Pororoca. :D

See You!!

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As we are talking about Surf and others things related, let me show you my favourite Surf Musician: Dick Dale( His guitar musics are REALLY marvelous. But Beach Boys are very good too("bushy, bushy blond hairdo"). :D

Hum, guitar and GAs... nice idea.

See You!!

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