Thursday, September 14, 2006


Poster Sessions @ PPSN 2006

PPSN had 7 poster sessions, each with 15 posters. Below are some pictures from the poster sessions.

Poster Session #7:

Shigeyoshi Tsutsui presenting cSA: Ant Colony Optimization with Cunning Ants:

Pier-Luca Lanzi presenting Automatic Test Pattern Generation with BOA:

Dirk Thierens presenting Exploration and Exploitation Bias of Crossover and Path Relinking for Permutation Problems:

Great posts Claudio. How about some outdoor photos from Iceland. I bet readers of IlliGAL Blogging would love to see some outdoor shots in addition to poster session action photos.
Not so much GA related but definitely a good idea :-) I'll post some photos from Reykjavik. I didn't left town during the conference but Kumara and Pier-Luca have really nice photos of some great Icelandic landscapes.
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