Wednesday, August 23, 2006


EuroGP, Evo*, and Michael O'Neill

Michael O'Neill writes to help plug next year's EuroGP and Evo* Conferences and Workshops:
We are drumming up some interest for EuroGP 2007 at the moment, and of course the two other associated conferences (EvoCOP and EvoBIO) and EvoWorkshops. It would be great if perhaps you might consider highlighting the events on your groups Blog?
I'm happy to put in the plug. The EuroGP wiki is here and the general Evo* website is here. The conferences are 11-13 April 2007 in Valencia, Spain. Tough duty.

Michael also notes his move to University College Dublin (tough duty) and the creation of the Natural Computing Research and Applications Group therein (see here). Please join me in wishing him the best of luck with this venture.

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