Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Status of SIGEVO

Erik Goodman is reporting on the status of SIGEVO ( In fall 2004, the ISGEC board approved transition to SIG status and on January 1, 2005, SIGEVO started life as a transitional SIG for its first year of operation. On June 15, 2006, ACM approved SIGEVO as a regular SIG.

There are currently 506 members, and we have now had two editions of our newsletter SIGEVOlution (Pier Luca Lanzi, editor and IlliGAL affilliate). 2006 marks the 21st year of genetic algorithms conferences (going back to the first ICGA in 1985 at MIT).

Erik just awarded a placque to Mike Cattalico (GECCO-2006 chair) and is thanking the cast of thousands that made GECCO possible.

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