Monday, July 31, 2006


Calumny halted at IB

I was recently forced to start moderating comments on this blog. Attacks of blog spam were stopped largely by requiring word verification (captchas), but offensive, ad hominem attacks have persisted to the point where all comments by non-members will be moderated before they are posted.

In general, comments will be posted (1) if they are relevant to the post they comment upon and (2) if they avoid slurring the author of the post and others in the community. IlliGAL Blogging has a point of view, and we welcome comments from those who disagree with us; controversial comments are the spice of blogging life, and the dialectic of online discourse can be enlightening. Having said this, we see no need to host comments that gratuitiously cast aspersions.

Of course, those who wish to continue their name-calling ways may choose to do so in the relative obscurity of their own blogs, but the pages of this blog are now closed to that type of comment.

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