Wednesday, July 12, 2006


2006 Humie winners announced

The Human Competitive Results competition (see here) results were announced at ACM SIGEVO's GECCO-2006.

Jie Yao, Nawwaf Kharma, Peter Grogono, A multi-population genetic algorithm for robust and fast ellipse detection
Gustavo Olague, Leonardo Trujillo, Using Evolution to Learn How to Perform Interest Point Detection

Kumara Sastry, Duane D. Johnson, Alexis L. Thompson, David E. Goldberg, Todd J. Martinez, Jeff Leiding, Jane Owens
Multiobjective Genetic Algorithms for Multiscaling Excited-State Direct Dynamics in Photochemistry

Gold: Varun Aggarwal, Selçuk KILINÇ, Varun Jain, Uğur ÇAM, Catalogue of Variable Frequency and Single-Resistance-Controlled Oscillators Employing A Single Differential Difference Complementary Current Conveyor

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