Saturday, March 25, 2006


Publish your book blogger!

Blogging has been changing how people disseminate ideas. There are blogs covering almost any topic one may be able to think about. Blogs were seen as mere on-line entities where people express; just a bunch of digital information here and there. But recently they are starting to change into something you can touch and feel.

Blogbinders is a site for turning your blog into a book. For instance, if you have your blog built using Blogger, WordPress, MovableType, Livejournal, or Typepad, Blogbinders allow you to edit it and publish your blog into a book that you can sell. Another interesting alternative is Lulu. It does not directly edit the blog for you, but you can: edit it in a Word file, upload the file to the site, decide the cover and price, and voilá, you have a book. They also shelve it on on-line stores such as Amazon. Lulu is also a very interesting alternative for cheap book publishing. Books that major publishing stream may not be interested in publishing because of their tiny revenue may be published via Lulu-like sites.

And you may think now: will IlliGAL blogging eventually turn into a collectively-written book some day? ;)

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