Wednesday, March 08, 2006


A buckeye, art, and GAs

Matthew Lewis studies and teaches generative art at Ohio State University and frequently uses genetic algorithms as part of his toolkit. See a short online exhibition of his work here and a list of his projects here. Hat tip generatorx.

Hello Dr. Gorldberg!

I have a GA practitioner for a while now. I have read many of the books and papers on genetic algorithms and many related subjects (ILLIGAL books and others). Now, I am reading on the subject of Game Theory and Evolution of Cooperation (Robert Axelrod, John Maynard Smith and others), “The selfish Gene” (by Richard Dawkins).

I can’t help to make a cross-pollenization of ideas between these disciplines. I want to ask you Dr. Goldberg, whether you have heard of any formal mathematical theory of cooperation between genes in biology or GA (artificial evolution)?

What prompted my question is when I realized that genes in an evolving population of individual offers all the conditions for cooperation as in the repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma. I feel that combining GA theory, genetic representation, game theory, evolution of cooperation should yield some interesting theoretical results. I am curious if anybody is working on that.

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