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Sometimes being a researcher means having to sell your ideas. See the post here.

Hallo, Dr Goldberg!!

We should be very careful with the atitude of selling (and buying) ideas, because we can sell/buy a wrong idea (or concept/approach/model/etc). That "Market of Ideas" inside the research field is a dangerous business, because the seller can't be worried if his/her idea is correct (or not so wrong), works and if it was got with rigorous analysis and experimentations. That seller can be only worried to obtain more research grants, money for himself/herself, research status/prestige, opportunities inside the Industry Business, etc, and to achieve all those things, that seller could sell us any (stupid?) idea. So, remember: Be Careful, when buying an idea.

Did you sell the "Building Block Hypothesis", Dr Goldberg ??

Até Mais!!

I was not suggesting that a person should lie or do bad work and pass it off as the truth or quality work. I was suggesting that even the truth requires a persuasive touch. Moreover, my reference to the TEE site suggested that questions were an important tool in understanding how to see things through someone elses eyes, thereby permitting you to present your ideas in a way that someone else can best understand.

There is nothing immoral, unethical, or unscientific about that.

I did not say that you was suggesting that a person should lie or do bad work and pass it off as the truth or quality work. What I said was: We should be very careful when selling/buying an idea, because we can pay a big price, and, also, that we need to think about the objectives the seller has in mind when selling us his/her idea.

I guess you did not answered my question, maybe it seemed a little offensive, but this was not my aim. I just wanted to know your opinion about that, since the BBH is so criticized inside EC field.

I begin to wonder that no one can says anything against (or just a friendly critique about) Genetic Algorithms here in this blog. But, Evolutionary Computation is much more than only Genetic Algorithms (with or without all those weird Genetic-like things). :)

Até Mais!!

Anybody can say anything they want on this blog as Nosophorus has done repeatedly (and repeatedly and repeatedly).
Hallo, Dr Goldberg!! :)

Very nice to know it, that anyone can say anything at IlliGAL Blog. This makes me feel happy indeed! :D

Just some last words at this post, because I know I will not have the answer for the question I asked.Those words are not mine, but from Tolstoi:

"I know that the majority of people, including those usually involved with problems of great complexity, rarely accept even the simplest or the most obvious truth if this truth obliges them to admit the falseness of the conclusions wich they got, perhaps, with great difficulty, because with these conclusions they delighted themselves when explaining them to their colleagues, they got proud when teaching them to other persons and that they had sewn, thread by thread, in the weaving of their lives."

Até Mais!!

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