Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Fighting comment spam

IlliGAL Blogging readers will have noticed an increase in comment spam on the site, whereby irrelevant comments are posted by bots or other malicious entities. To fight this scourge, IB has taken two steps. First, the blog will no longer accept anonymous posts. All commentators will be required to have a Blogger account, and if you don't have one, they are easy enough to obtain. Second, commentators will need to authenticate their humanity by retyping a word shown on the screen in a hard-to-machine-read font. IB hopes that these two steps will reduce comment spam sufficiently for us to continue to permit comments on the site.

Hallo, Dr Goldberg!

Well, I do not want to be arrogant, but once in this blog I suggested a web tool to fight spam: Spam Poison (

Well, I put it in my blog (, but I continue to receive some spam messages.

Anyway, would be good to check the idea of Spam Poison. :D

Até Mais!!

Marcelo (a.k.a Nosophorus)
I guess using SPAM POISON is a good idea if every webpage owners use it. It is not intended to reduce the number of spam in each blog, but its job is increasing the traffic on spammers and makes them slower with injecting false e-mail address.
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