Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Dancing DISCUS

This is not a typical blog entry. I felt like telling you before you continue reading. Last Saturday I was sitting in one of the dance performances of this season at Krannert center. I was amazed by the hard work done by Philip Johnston's students---soul lifting is not quite the word, but it is the closest I can think of. Anyway, I was sitting in one of the intermezzos, when a question in the audience struck me. “Is there any new notation for dance?”.

New? That meant that there were already dance notations. I just browse a little bit to ease my ignorance, and I run into several entries here. Moreover I found an online paper on dance notations and computers. After reading it, I cannot stop thinking about how the same DISCUS technology used for scenario creation in marketing could be applied to collaborative on-line concept discussions for dance choreographies. And they already have notations for it! I know, maybe it is my naiveness, but I think it would be useful for companies scattered across the globe to boost their interactiveness.

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