Thursday, November 10, 2005


Compression GAs: Less than meets the eye

An earlier post by Martin Pelikan made some laudatory remarks about Marc Toussaint's compression evolutionary algorithm (see here), and on the face of it the work appears to rival the best competent GAs, but further investigation shows that the compression EA only performs well on problems with tight linkage. This is a severe limitation, and the assumptions of the work should have been more clearly stated.

Any reference to documents reporting such "further investigation"?
Hallo, Dr Goldberg!!

Well, very interesting your words about Compression GAs and Competent GAs. :D

So much is said here, at IlliGAL Blog, about those Competent GAs, but, so far, I only know that those Competent GAs "refer to principled procedures that solve a large category of hard problems quickly, reliably, and accurately". However, there is some canonical form for those GAs ?? There is some paper that reports about those GAs and its fundaments ?? I am not trying to challenge you, but I only would like to know more about them.

Would be nice to know more about Competent GAs.

Até Mais!!

Marcelo (a.k.a Nosophorus)
Various lab members grew suspicious because of the short-range window of compression that takes place in most commonly used text compression algorithms. We confirmed the conjecture by asking the author.
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