Saturday, September 17, 2005


New blog covers computationalism

A month-old blog called Computationalism presents a variety of reviews of books and articles of interest to genetic algorithmists and artificial evolutionaries. For example, Chris Langton's 1997 book collection of papers on artificial life is reviewed here. Gary Cziko's book, Without Miracles, is reviewed as well (see here). This interesting blog has been around since the beginning of August (it sneaked onto Blogger while we were all on vacation). The author does not identify him or herself, but the first post may reveal the author. It reviews a book by Li Jianhui of Beijing Normal University called Towards Computationalism: An Introduction to Philosophy of Artificial Life, apparently published in Chinese. Computationalism is defined (google define link here)
The notion that the operation of the mind can be explained entirely in terms of the formal, or functional, properties of a computational system. See also Cognitivism, Eliminativism, Functionalism, Materialism, Turing Test.

IlliGAL Blogging readers look forward to more interesting posts at the intersection of philosophy and computation from Computationalism.

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