Saturday, September 17, 2005


The joy of engineering

Chapter 2, entitled The Joy of Engineering, in my forthcoming book The Entrepreneurial Engineer (see previous posts here and here) covers a variety of topics of interest to engineers and computer scientists.
Chapter 2 The Joy of Engineering
2.1 A Joyous Confession
2.2 Engineering as Liberal Education, Launch Pad & Lifelong Love
2.2.1 Who is getting the real liberal education?
2.2.2 Engineering as launchpad
2.2.3 10 ways to love engineering
2.3 The Fundamental Tug-of-War
2.4 Science and its Little Secret
2.5 Engineers: First Masters of Modern Enterprise
2.6 Economy of Intellection: Separating Science from Engineering
2.7 Four Tensions Facing the Entrepreneurial Engineer

The online short course will be available later this fall (here) and the book should be available in 2006.

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