Thursday, July 07, 2005


Special edition on GAs: Materials & Manufacturing Processes

N. Chakraborti at IIT Kharagpur sent me a copy of this special edition devoted to genetic algorithms of the journal Materials & Manufacturing Processes. His editorial, "The Genetic Secrets of Making, Shaping, and Treating of Steel," says it well:
This collection of 15 papers by eminent academic and industrial researchers from 11 different countries--Australia, Brazil, Finland, India, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, United Kingdom and United States--would simply establish that the application of Genetic Algorithms in this area needs to be taken far more seriously than a cult movement destined to appeal only to a select few.
Indeed, and besides there is no need to drink cyanide-laced kool-aid to be a part of our uncult. The special edition is a sweet collection for two audiences: material scientists looking for cool GA applications or GA practitioners looking for exemplary applications of GA art to an important field.

Hi, congratulations for the blog.

I'm an architect from Portugal, and I'm interested in the field of Genetic Algorithms.

I would like to have an Abstract or short resume about this publication: N. Chakraborti so i can by the full article.
Best regards,

Gonçalo Castro Henriques, arq.
Porto | Portugal

Dr. Chakraborti is my father and I just thought I'd use this space to mention how proud I am of him and his work. He holds you in very high esteem and with good reason! Thank you for the blog, and I personally find it inspiring that science can imitate life so sucessfully. Gives me hope for my PhD in Molecular biology!

All the best,
Shankhamala Chakraborti
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