Friday, July 15, 2005


IlliGAL Sailing Convention and Seminar a success

With winds gusting between 15 and 20 knots out of the northeast and waves rolling between 2 and 4 feet, IlliGAL's genetic algorithm landlubbers became sailors on the 10-meter sailing vessel Urdragon yesterday, sailing out of Burnham Harbor in Chicago. All hands returned safely, no winch handles were lost, and the boat was returned as good as new. All crew members took turns at the helm in two shifts. The morning shift included Xavier Llora, Kumara Sastry, and Tian-Li Yu, and the afternoon shift included Kazuhisa Inaba, Paul Winward, and Li Minqiang. Other activities included visits to Shedd Aquarium, the Miracle Mile, and the Second City.

Geez! Goldberg never took us on fun outings like this at Alabama! It pays to have an older, wiser, more laid back (and infinitely more tenured) adviser, I guess!

I expect sailing next time I see you, Dave.
Come to Illinois during the summer and you can go, too, Rob.
Good to hear all IlliGAL labbies returned home safe and sound (not that I would ever dare to doubt sailing skills of the great minds at IlliGAL). Maybe next time I could join you, I can swim and I have sunglasses, too :-)
The dates of GECCO-2006 work much better for me than that of this year did. Perhaps I will be able to join you guys at next GECCO as well as next IlliGAL sailing convention. But here, I would like to repeat Martin's words first, "I can swim and I have sunglasses, too." :-D
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