Wednesday, July 13, 2005


First Annual IlliGAL Sailing Convention & Seminar

Tomorrow, six brave stalwarts of the good lab IlliGAL will travel up I-57 to Burnham Harbor in Chicago to crew the 10-meter sloop Urdragon. Landlubbing IlliGALers have been boning up on their points of sail here. They've also been studying their nautical terms (click here), but this requires translation into a number of languages including Catalan, Mandarin, Japanese, and Hindi among others. One difficulty is the preponderance software engineers and computer scientists in the group. Sailing a boat is largely a hardware problem.

With luck you'll find the time to check my resource for information about upcoming seminars and find an article or two or three you'd like to read. I hope you, too, consider comments however short and sweet fun to get and read :)
Ever hear of this... a leadership seminar
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