Thursday, June 23, 2005


Educating a penguin: Part IV

My absence from the airwaves was due to my impromptu college visits with Max Tuesday and Wednesday. We visited Earlham College, Denison University, and Kenyon College. I would like to blog at length about the visits, but suffice it to say right now, that visiting small colleges as opposed to hotshot Ivies is the difference between night and day. Incredible personal attention, lovely, well-designed facilities for small numbers of students, just a different planet. Makes me wish I had my own college education to do over. Max's ranking of the three was (1) Earlham, (2) Kenyon, and (3) Denison. More later, but my other penguin is having his Bar Mitzvah Saturday. To read or review parts I-III, click here.

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Hey Fantastic Blog, I totally agree with some of the points you made.
I just finished putting together a site on graduate education, come check it out when you got time.
Sounds like you visited quite a few places all at once. Good luck keeping up with everything!
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