Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Dead from GECCO

At long last I arrived at GECCO yesterday afternoon. Saturday was the lil penguin's Bar Mitzvah, and he did a wonderful job. On Sunday, we drove the older penguin to Northwestern University for the NHSI program on journalism (the famed "cherub" program). On Monday, an exhausted father, scraped himself up, drove to Bloomington and arrived at the GECCO venue at L'Enfant Plaza Hotel at about 5 pm.

The conference was in full swing with nearly 600 attendees. Both keynote speakers were a hit, and I helped judge the Humies (or Human Competitive Competition) in the morning. Excellent finalist presentations, and I'll have more to report on that score later.

Tonight is the poster session, and the the lineup appears to be very strong. This conference marks the 20th anniversary of regular genetic algorithms conferences with the first ICGA being held in Pittsburgh at CMU in 1985.

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