Wednesday, June 29, 2005


2005 Human-competitive results winners announced

This morning in the business meeting of SIGEVO, Riccardo Poli announced the winners of the 2005 Human-Competitive Results Competition (the "Humies"). A previous post discussed the contest, and over 20 applicants vied for $10,000 in prize money. The judges selected two Gold Medalists, Randy Bartels for using GAs to shape laser pulses to effect quantum dynamics control (see here) and Preble, Lipson, and Lipson for using genetic algorithms to design photonic crystals (see here). Other medalists used GAs to evolve KOTHs in Core Wars, top backgammon, chess, and robocode players, optical lenses that infringe on existing patents, fingerprint wavelets that beat the FBI wavelet, and a scalable quantum Fourier Transform.

The Humies were a highlight of the conference, and the competition will heat up as the word spreads.

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