Saturday, May 14, 2005


GAs used to study protozoan glyoxalase pathway

The FEBS Journal has published the abstract of an article in which genetic algorithms (GAs) were used to study a protozoan glyoxalase pathway:

The glyoxalase pathway of Leishmania infantum was kinetically characterized as a trypanothione-dependent system. Using time course analysis based on parameter fitting with a genetic algorithm, kinetic parameters were estimated for both enzymes, with trypanothione derived substrates. A Km of 0.253 mM and a V of 0.21 µmol·min–1·mg–1for glyoxalase I, and a Km of 0.098 mM and a V of 0.18 µmol·min–1·mg–1 for glyoxalase II, were obtained.

The research was a collaboration between Portugese researchers at the University of Porto and the University of Lisbon.

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