Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Cool conference innovation

Hugh Hewitt was at PersonalDemocracyForum and noticed a cool innovation in audience interactivity:
but we did have the very interesting --in fact compelling—use of the projection of the forum chat room on the wall behind us. This made the audience a real participant in the conversation, especially the snarkiest of commentators. This is an evolution in conferences, and I urge its immediate adoption. If you don’t like being mocked by a live audience in real time, then don’t be a talking head. This innovation sure made for an interesting backdrop to the standard five microphones and a few hundred people in the audience panel.
Ooh, I like the idea of conference chats (and blogs?) going on during a conference, and then projecting them at the back of a panel discussion is even better. Might be a great way to spice up a GECCO workshop.

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