Wednesday, March 09, 2005


GECCO snags Endy as keynoter

MIT's Drew Endy will be giving one of GECCO's keynote talks on Engineering Biological Systems. Here's the abstract.
Biology is going through a fundamental transition – from preexisting, natural, and evolving systems, to synthetic, engineered, and disposable systems. Here, I will discuss (i) our ‘refactoring’ of a natural biological system, bacteriophage T7, (ii) the adaptation and application of three past lessons – standardization, abstraction, and decoupling – that seem relevant to the engineering of biology today, (iii) how solving the problems of error detection and correction in reproducing machines might lead to interesting compromises in system architecture, and (iv) some of the social, political, and risk opportunities and pitfalls worth considering as we begin to systematically engineer the living world.
More keynote info is available here.

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