Thursday, February 24, 2005


Rubik's cube via EC

Virialexpansion wonders

I could probably use EC to attempt to solve the optimization version of that problem. There are still some more definitions that need to be made; if they can be quantified, then it could be attempted. I wonder if EC could find the theoretical minimum of T, not only the cardinality, but the actual moves? If it could, how would you prove it, though? The problem with that is that there are 43 quintillion different configurations of the cube... Ouch.

I saw an EC approach to Rubik's cube back in 1997 when I visited Ingo Rechenberg's Bionik und Evolutionstechnik laboratory at the Technische Universitaet Berlin as part of my first sabbatical. The link here has an Evolution Strategie approach to solving the cube and 9 other ES demos dating back to PPSN 1994.


The image above is of Ingo Rechenberg linked from his web page.

I just found your blog and had a look at it ... Well, I developed a rubik's cube genetic solver, which uses absolutely no built-in algorithm or positions table. You can have a look at
Hope you'll be interested !
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