Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Ready, steady,…

The big day for DISCUS is coming. We have been collecting the media survey questionnaires for our colleagues in Hakuhodo and the Chance Discovery Consortium for more than a week. Now that we have the questionnaires, we will start contacting the people interested to join the focus groups for detailed discussions about how they use internet, email, and cell phones. From Monday to Friday, the lab will not look as empty as the picture below.

The only channel of communication among participants will be the computer-mediated one provided by DISCUS. Participants will be sitting at the lab workstations using DISCUS---yes, I will post some pictures with a lab running at full steam. No other communication among participants will be available. This way, we will be able to analyze totally self-contained communications using KeyGraph and Influence Diffusion Models.

However, this is not a one man’s job. I must thank all the DISCUS people. Without them, we would not even be able to think of doing the experiment we will be conducting next week. They are making possible this experiment a reality, taking even care of the smallest logistics details.

I hope the play of the big day will be a great success.

By the way, thanks for posting the pictures of IlliGAL. :) The first picture shows that Kumara's desk is crowded by papers as usual. :-p
Right after X posted the photo I cleaned my desk :). It looks much better now.
Yup, I must agree. Kumara's desk looks great. I was a little embarassed, so I have no other option than clean mine to :D
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