Monday, February 28, 2005


Let’s dance

The talking time is over. Yes, the Chance Discovery Consortium researchers are back in a white and cold Urbana-Champaign. After a 20 hours flight from Japan, they were at 9am sharp in the lab. It has been a long day. I do not know how they deal with their jet lag. We have been discussing the details of the methodology we are going to use for the experiment. The photo below shows (left to right, Yuichi Washida, Hiroshi Tamura, & Yukio Ohsawa) a little break during the discussion of a hot topic, the crafting and presenting of emergent scenarios based on KeyGraphs of a given communication. Starting tomorrow afternoon, the four-day experiment marathon will be at its max---reaching its climax on Wednesday afternoon---and we are running out of time to get everything ready.

Luckily, as I already mentioned on my previous post, nothing will be happening without the unconditional help and support of Chen-Ju Chao, Abhimanyu Gupta, Mohit Jolly, and Davina Lim. This DISCUS group, besides of their hard work, has been a great example of innovation and creativity, in the best DISCUS flavor.

The milestone of the day: Chen-Ju, below, just ten minutes away from nailing down the assistance of all the 50 students that will be part of the marathon. All in less than three days :D

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