Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Holland festschrift volume published

I received my shiny new copy of the edited volume Perspectives on Adapation in Natural and Artificial Systems from Oxford University Press today. Some of the contributors include Kenneth Arrow, Brian Arthur, Bob Axelrod, Lashon Booker, Michael Cohen, Stephanie Forrest, Doug Hofsatadter, John Koza, Melanie Mitchell, Rick Riolo, and Oliver Selfridge to name a few. The volume follows up on the 1999 festschrift in Ann Arbor honoring John H. Holland's many contributions to science and technology. My contribution is entitled, John H. Holland, Facetwise Models, and Economy of Thought. Only $54.50 in hardcover. Operators are standing by to take your call (actually servers are standing by to take your computerized order).

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