Saturday, February 26, 2005


Dad, is that a good thing?

I was doing some google diving for old blog posts on genetic algorithms and came across an oldie but a goodie that brought back a funny memory. In 1997, I was interviewed by Jessie Scanlon then of Wired Magazine for an article called Mother Nature on a Motherboard. The article was published in the February 1997 issue on the Geek Page. I was pretty proud of myself, so I got a copy and brought it home. I was showing the article to my older boy Max, who had just turned 8, and said, "Max, here's an article about your dad on the Geek Page of Wired Magazine. How 'bout that?" He paused for a minute, his face got serious, and he replied, "Dad, are you sure the Geek Page is a good thing?"

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