Saturday, February 12, 2005


Co-evolutionary wiki up and running

Paul Wiegand noticed IlliGAL Blogging and asked me to post an announcement for the Co-Evolutionary wiki that is up and running, so here it is:

Dear colleagues,

At GECCO-04, an informal coevolution discussion was held where many of the terms used in coevolution were discussed. As a result of this, and after substantial further discussion via email, we have set up aCoevolution Wiki which offers descriptions of several main terms. Naturally, all of these descriptions are subject to debate, and the wiki therefore features a dedicated discussion page for each term. The Coevolution Wiki can be visited here:

Contributions to this online discussion, or any other comments, are very welcome!

Signed, Anthony Bucci, Edwin de Jong, Anthony Liekens, Paul Wiegand

I took a look, and the coec-wiki has made a nice start. Go peek yourself.

Blogging and wikis are important content management tools that should receive greater use in the community for information dissemination and exchange. I applaud this and other efforts in the same vein. We may be a little behind the wiki curve in my lab, but we are now using one for internal lab information exchange online. Some of the free tools are quite sophisticated and good.

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