Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Hutter prize for lossless compression of human knowledge

In COLT mailing list, I've just read about the Hutter Prize for Lossless Compression of Human Knowledge. From the original post:

The Hutter Prize challenges researchers to demonstrate their programs are intelligent by finding simpler ways of representing human knowledge within computer programs. The researcher that can produce the smallest program that outputs a selected large sample of Wikipedia wins money. Moreover, progressively smaller such programs win incrementally more money. The formula for winnings is modeled after the M-Prize or Methuselah Mouse Prize, which awards money to longevity researchers for progress in keeping mice alive the longest.

The purse for the Hutter Prize was initially underwritten with a 50,000 Euro commitment to the prize fund by Marcus Hutter of the Swiss Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, affiliated with the University of Lugano and The University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland.

For more details about the prize, click here.

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