Friday, July 14, 2006


Journal of Natural Computing
Special Issue on Learning Classifier Systems

Guest Editors
Larry Bull, University of the West of England, U.K.
Pier Luca Lanzi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Call for Papers
Learning Classifier Systems were conceived almost 30 years ago by John Holland, the father of genetic algorithms. Since then a number of models have been developed to bring Holland's innovative ideas to real world applications. Submissions of original unpublished works are invited that investigate in different ways the state of research in Learning Classifier Systems.


Submission September, 30th, 2006
Notification December, 15th, 2006
Camera ready February, 15th, 2006

Submissions and enquiries should be sent to

Don't LCSs go back to the 71 paper by Holland, Processing and processors for schemata? Its really a pretty cool article:

author = "Holland, J. H.",
title = "Processing and processors for schemata",
booktitle = "Associative Information Techniques",
year = "1971",
editor = "Jacks, E. L.",
publisher = "American Elsevier",
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pages = "127--146",
tcga = "00069",
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