Thursday, November 17, 2005


MWH Soft Launches New InfoSWMM Calibrator

MWH Soft, a leading global provider of environmental and water resources applications software, announced the release of InfoSWMM Calibrator today. As a part of their system, a genetic algorithm is used:

This revolutionary new calibration platform for urban drainage system models is the first ArcGIS-centric (ESRI, Redlands, CA) optimization software in the world to unleash the power of advanced object-oriented Genetic Algorithms technology in a true high-performance GIS environment. The result is the fastest, most practical, most comprehensive and accurate GIS-based network model calibration program ever created for wastewater engineers.

The press release can be found here. A related post by David E. Goldberg about the use of genetic algorithms in MWH Soft products can be found here.

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