Monday, October 31, 2005


Genetic algorithm evolves creatures in breveCreatures screensaver

breveCreatures is a Mac OS X screensaver developed by Jon Klein that uses an evolutionary algorithm to evolve creatures capable of moving in a 3D environment:

breveCreatures is a screensaver that simulates the evolution of virtual creatures in a physically simulated 3D world. Beginning initially with random creatures, the screensaver uses a genetic algorithm to develop creatures capable of realistic locomotion behaviors.

The breveCreatures screensaver is based on Karl Sims' work Evolving Virtual Creatures. I've just installed the screensaver on my PowerBook and it's fun to watch it.


What a nice program breve is!!

Thank you, Mr Pelikan!! :D

If only I had a fish to give you! :D

Até Mais!!

Marcelo (a.k.a Nosophorus)
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