Thursday, September 08, 2005


IEC at FSS2005

Six interactive evolutionary computation (IEC) papers were presented at an annual Japanese domestic symposium of SOFT held in Tokyo, 9/07-09, 2005.

A. IEC applications

A1: "Interactive Logo Drawing System"
Designing logo marks using IEC
A2: "A System for Beautifying Face Images Using Interactive Evolutionary Computing"
Tuning parameter of image processing system using IEC
A3: "An Interior Layout Support System with Interactive Evolutionary Computation using Evaluating Agents"
Designing interior layout with IEC
A4: "Behavior Acquisition of Four Legs Robot Using Interactive GAs"
Acquiring the preferable behavior motions of AIBO robot with IEC

B. IEC interface research

B1: "Interactive Evolutionary Computation with Evaluation Characteristics of Multi-IEC users"
Combining IEC and normal EC with prepared evaluation characteristics of IEC users that are used to select better individuals through simulation with big population size and accelerate EC convergence. Idea is to use evaluation characteristics of other IEC users till the user's evaluation characteristics are learned in early generations.
B2: "Subjective evaluation on the Method for Reduction of IEC user's fatigue through Rating-Scale Mapping"
Changing relative fitness values, which are frequently used in normal IEC, to absolute ones to learn IEC user's evaluation characteristics effectively. The leaned evaluation characteristics are used to accelerate IEC convergence and reduce IEC user's fatigue problem.

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