Wednesday, September 21, 2005


The 1st Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Italy, finally!

Italy is a small country. Artificial Intelligence in Italy is a very small community, mainly consisting of researchers in the so called "classical AI". However, yesterday the 1st italian workshop on Evolutionary Computation took place during the 9th Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence. Around 20 researchers and other 20 master students of the University of Milan gathered in a room and discussed their work. Some of them are very well-known (Stefano Cagnoni, Riccardo Poli, and Marco Tomassini) but I also met people who use EC methods and do not publish neither in GECCO nor in any other EC conference.

Among the others, I found Riccardo's tutorial on "Doing research in evolutionary computation" very entertaining. I also liked Marco's tutorial on "Spatial and temporal dimensions in evolutionary systems". Unfortunately I had to leave before the final round table. But they told me that in 2006 they plan to organize the 2nd one!

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