Monday, August 29, 2005


Autonomous flying robots

Earlier this year, Dave Goldberg blogged about autonomous choppers. I came across a recent post at ai+alife+aculture describing bio-inspired vision-based flying robots (some stages of the work are GA-based). The work is a Ph.D project of Jean-Christophe Zufferey headed by Prof. Dario Floreano in Switzerland.

The researchers say
In this project, we explore an approach whereby robust vision-based behaviors emerge out of the coordination of several visuo-motor components that can directly link simple visual features to motor commands. Biological inspiration is taken from insect vision and evolutionary algorithms are used to evolve efficient neural networks. The resulting controllers select, develop, and exploit visuo-motor components that are tailored to the information relevant for the particular environment, robot morphology, and behavior.

A cool QuickTime video of the flight can be seen here. Close-ups of the plane are shown a little more than halfway through the clip.

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