Monday, June 27, 2005


Live from GECCO - VII

Phew! I finished all my presentations today! Yesterday, I had to give a presentation in the OBUPM-2005 workshop and then a tutorial on efficiency enhancement, for which I was preparing the first two days. I had my final presentation in the morning on sub-structural niching and then it was time to finally attend differen talks without being stressed out or preoccupied.

Martin Butz gave a great talk of combining XCS with Bayesian optimization algorithm, followed by Stefan Dorste's nice presentation on some theory of compact genetic algorithm.

Lam Bui and Hussein Abbass presented an interesting paper on using fitness inheritance in noisy multiobjective problems. Xavier gave a wonderful presentation on combating user fatigue in interactive genetic algorithms.

A few of us also managed to visit National Gallery of Art after lunch.

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