Thursday, June 30, 2005


GECCO-2005: The Day After

As I am recovering from the long return trip (weather problems), I thought I would post a few words on my visit to GECCO-2005.

I attended a number of interesting talks, tutorials, and workshops. Most of all, I enjoyed EDA (estimation of distribution algorithms) sessions and the workshop OBUPM-2005. I am happy that our EDA track attracted so many good papers and so many GECCO attendees came to EDA events, and I hope that the next year will be even better. The next year's EDA track chair is Peter Bosman.

I also enjoyed the bioinformatics tutorial given by James Foster and Jason H. Moore and the XCS tutorial by Martin Butz. Although I could not attend Kumara Sastry's tutorial on principled efficiency enhancement because of OBUPM-2005, I know the material and I find these results impressive.

I was also happy to see new work on hierarchical problem solving presented by Edwin de Jong. I hope that there will be more work in this area in the next GECCO and other genetic and evolutionary computation conferences. Just before the talk on hierarchical problem solving, Martin Butz had a great talk Kernel-based, Ellipsoidal Conditions in the Real-Valued XCS Classifier System. Although I could not attend Daan Wierstra's talk Modeling Systems with Internal State using Evolino, I've read the paper and I think the results of this work are impressive.

The above list of interesting talks and tutorials is far from complete but I think there are already quite a few posts regarding this. So, to conclude, GECCO-2005 was a great event and I hope it continues to get better in future. The organizers did a great job. I also had a chance to meet many good friends and great researchers, which is yet another great thing about GECCO.

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