Tuesday, May 24, 2005


AAAI Fall Symposium Hosts Symposia on Evolutionary, Adaptive and Anticipatory Systems and Mechanisms

Due to its strong impact over the recent years, I want to mention here in a main post that the AAAI Symposium series (fall symposium 2005) hosts at least two symposia that should be highly intersting for our community. Potter and Wiegand organize a symposium on coevolutionary and coadaptive systems. Castelfranchi, Balkenius, Butz, and Ortony host the symposium on Anticipatory Cognitive Embodied Systems. The latter symposium also relates to our previous discussions on machine consciousness (see 1 and 2). Although the deadlines for full submissions have passed, I am sure that statements of interests as well as the consideration of participation are still very welcome.

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