Wednesday, April 06, 2005


GECCO-2005 submissions

The submission process is slightly more complex with ACM so please try to allocate enough time to do this final step. Most important points to not forget (strongly biased to latex users) are

1) Latex users - include .bbl file in your .tex source by replacing \bibliography{...} with the body of the .bbl file.

2) Latex users - use sloppy environment starting right after \begin{document} and ending right before \end{document} to reduce the problems with too long lines. This should work almost perfectly. Using sloppy environment locally didn't work with me.

3) Make sure the copyright statement including GECCO-2005 information is in the bottom-left corner of your title page. For latex users, the copyright statement is included in most style files provided by ACM and the following lines must be added in your document:
\conferenceinfo{GECCO'05,} {June 25--29, 2005, Washington, DC, USA.}

4) File names start with f for full papers and with p for posters. See the instructions for examples.

5) Latex users - when generating the .ps file, make sure Type 1 fonts are used and the paper size is letter (use "-P cmz -t letter" in dvips).

6) When using Adobe for creating the pdf file, use the options provided at

7) Prepare a text-only version of the abstract and references (to cut and paste during the submission). Check international characters and other nonstandard symbols cause this can sometimes cause trouble.

The deadline is April 15, 2005.

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