Saturday, March 19, 2005


Tutorial on Estimation of distribution algorithms (EDAs) in GECCO

Adding to the largest and diverse tutorial slate at GECCO, Martin Pelikan will now be giving a tutorial on probabilistic model-building genetic algorithms (also known as estimation of distribution algorithms):
Probabilistic model-building algorithms (PMBGAs) replace traditional crossover and mutation operators by building and sampling a probabilistic model of promising solutions and thus enables the use of machine learning techniques for automatic discovery of problem regularities and exploitation of these regularities for effective exploration of the search space.

The tutorial Probabilistic Model-Building GAs will provide a gentle introduction to PMBGAs with an overview of major research directions in this area. Strengths and weaknesses of different PMBGAs will be discussed and suggestions will be provided to help practitioners to choose the best PMBGA for their problem.
Martin's tutorial was one of the most popular tutorials last GECCO and promises to be equally successful this time around as well. I would highly recommend IlliGAL Blogging readers to attend the tutorial and get hands on information from one of the leading experts in EDAs.

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