Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Ready set go!: Man versus machine

Just came across this project and I think its pretty cool! The project called sodarace is a joint venture between soda and queen mary, university of london:
Sodarace is the online olympics pitting human creativity against machine learning in a competition to design robots that race over 2D terrains using the Sodaconstructor virtual construction kit.
The have a genetic algorithm toolbox called Wodka to construct the robots:
The Wodka Genetic Algorithm makes automatically breeding models from scratch so easy that anyone can do it. Pictured above a clump of fit siblings race away from the pack of slower relatives.
They also have some movies of the races (for example, here and here). So far the GA-designed robots are beating human-designed robots.

Reminds me of one of my undergrad projects where I used GP to produce "warriors" for CoreWars.

I must say though that my project was much less interesting, because there only pieces of assembly code fought for memory in a simulator...and who likes to watch assembly code...
I played around with this about a year ago and still have some java code to run rases outside the sodarace GUI - if anyone's interested. One race/fitness eval per 10ms - much better than ~3-n seconds per race in the GUI. (jason.brownlee05@gmail.com)
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