Friday, March 25, 2005


Prince Charles may use GAs for table planning at his wedding

Apparently, according to a recent survey by YouGov, the second most difficult part of planning a wedding is doing the table plan. There are about 3.5 million ways to seat just 10 guests in 10 seats. Add family politics and dynamics to it and you get a duanting and time consuming task. According to eMediaWire, now there is a software that automates wedding table planning:
Andrew Brice of Oryx Digital—who struggled to produce the table plan for his own wedding last year—has developed PerfectTablePlan, a Windows software package that aims to make table planning using cut-up bits of paper a thing of the past. The user decides which guests should sit near (or not near) to each other and the shapes and sizes of tables. Guests are then automatically assigned to seats with a single mouse click, saving hours of effort. Elegant table plans can be printed and last minute changes can be accommodated with minimal stress. The automatic seat assignment is achieved using a "genetic algorithm". It is believed to be the first time a genetic algorithm has been used to produce table plans.

Oryx Digital has sent a complimentary copy of PerfectTablePlan to Prince Charles. "Given the endless press reports about tensions in the Windsor family, we thought Prince Charles’ staff could use some help to create a harmonious table plan for his wedding." said Andrew Brice.

Ho HO HO HO!! Very interesting that a Prince maybe use a GA for planning his wedding day, maybe Santa Claus could use a GA based-system to solve his TSP-like problem (deliver the gifts to children) if Santa get success, He should share his system with the Easter Bunny; but, at the same time, We need to be critical about it, although in a light way :D, because in some situations We could use a cannon to kill a fly!! Got it?? Fly!!! :D


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