Friday, February 18, 2005


Power-law networks and epistasis

Many natural networks such as molecules in a cell and people in a social group are so-called power-law networks. Power-law networks are quite stable and robust against random node failures. However, they are exposed to occasional catastrophic collapse by losing nodes with giant connections. If gene regulatory networks are also power-law networks, genomes have to prevent themselves from losing genes linked to many by recombination and mutations to survive. How do living things acquire evolvavility in such a situation?

This reminds me -- in case you or other readers haven't seen it, check out Tina Yu's paper:

T. Yu, “Six Degrees of Separation in Boolean Function Network with Neutrality,” Workshop Proceedings on Neutral Evolution in Evolutionary Computation, GECCO, 2004.

This contains a somewhat relevant discussion of power-law and small-world networks.
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